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Fashion Meets Confidence

Can't find anything to wear in your wardrobe?

Beemoor is just the place to find that perfect confidence item to pair with your existing wardrobe items.   

Hi I'm Katie Horsfield founder of Beemoor Ltd after working for Cheshire couture designer Yvonne Gillon who noticed many women felt self-conscious about their bodies. Often caused by post breast/chest surgery, weight gain/loss, age and just general low self-esteem. No longer wanting to show off those certain areas such as "bingo wings," or cleavage.

Beemoor helps provide the confidence through the Underdress Sleeves and Cami tops to wear with those items you never thought able to go out in again. 

I love to sew and have gained a 1st class degree at Manchester Metropolitan University BA Hons for Clothing Design and Technology. After making the Underdress Sleeves for designer Yvonne Gillon for 8 years, after Covid struck I have decided to go solo and keep creating confidence garments to add to your wardrobe.